Tactical Mastermind: Top 6v6 Soccer Formations! (2023)

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6v6 soccer formations is a very popular format in youth level soccer. Many coaches use the 6v6 for indoor practice.

If you want to test a player’s soccer skills then it is a great combination for a team of skilled players. But you can’t rely entirely on skill. The 6v6 formations are highly effective.

These kind of formations enable the players to prepare for unexpected conditions. So if you are a coach or a parent you should enroll and start giving introduction to these formations.

This article will discuss the 6v6 soccer formations with their pros and cons.

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2-2-1 soccer formations (balanced)

2-2-1 soccer formations


This is one of the best 6v6 soccer formations because it gives the best balance in terms of defense and making attack.

It takes a lot of position changes, so this takes players who are very dynamic and they should very be both defensive duties and offensive duties.

Skills required

For this 2-2-1 formation, players require discipline mostly from defenders to stay on the ground and also for midfielders to pass and support the attackers.

Players playing in forward also need to be very quick. This formation is best suited for a striker who has strong feet.


  • It is one of the most liked formations. Defensively, because the 2 men at the back will provide a solid base for the defense.
  • The midfielders can easily support both the defenders and help the attackers forward.
  • This formation is for players who can adapt really quickly.


  • The midfielders should be disciplined and should be very strong on the defense. If he commits a mistake, then the whole defense will be exposed.
  • If the striker is not strong on both feet, then the attack will only be focused on 1 side.
  • Midfielders have to support the defense and attackers because if they are only in defense, the attackers will become isolated.

2-1-2 (good for attacking)

2-1-2 soccer formations


This is considered the best formation for attackers because it consists of 2 attackers, 1 midfielder and 2 defenders. It is great for the sides which have potential forwards.

Skills required

This formation requires having 2 potential and talented strikers and it gives so much importance for the 1 midfielder who has to help both defense and attack.


  • This formation allows teams to have great 2 forwards to play together for the team.
  • Let you have a thriller to watch as an audience.
  • It is for the team that has the ability to pass the ball quickly.


  • The problem with this formation is that the 2 forwards solely focus on attack only, which lacks the ability for a good defense.
  • There is too much overload on one midfielder who has to do both defensive and attacking work.
  • The players need to be really quick, it will be easy for opponents to break up the game.

3-1-1 (great for defense)

3-1-1 formation


This is the most preferred formation with the 3 defenders, one midfielder, and a one-alone striker. This formation is really designed for teams with counter-attacks.

This formation can only work in a close match if a side is playing with this formation, they have to adapt to a different formation as it doesn’t offer attacking options.

Skills required

It needs one player from the back to join as a midfielder when in attacking situations. The attack should include players with lethal attacks and should be very fit.


  • This formation provides great defensive support with one midfielder shielding.
  • It is a very flexible formation, it can be converted 1-3-1 when in possession.
  • It mostly suits the teams who can play strategies like counter attack.


  • There is an upcoming threat that this formation can result in too much emphasis on defense that the attack will be vulnerable.
  • It requires a high level of fitness for two backs.
  • It needs coordination between players to decide who are taking what positions.

1-2-2 (Can be rewarding)

1-2-2 soccer formations


This formation consists of one central defender, two midfielder, and two strikers. As a variant, another midfielder can be added instead of one striker.

People may consider that this is a great formation, but it is dependent on a strong defender at the back, who may or may not find themselves outnumbered.

Skills required

The focus should be on the strong defender that is comfortable on the side. It also needs one midfielder to drop back when the support is necessary.

The side needs to have a good goalkeeper too as the side is too much dependent on only a defender.


This is the most attacking formation for the teams which like to attack.

Teams in this formation will have the ability to score more goals (as well as also can concede goals)


  • If the midfielders are not very quick or don’t have the ability of defensive duties, it can harm the team.
  • At the same time if both midfielders are being sent back there will be a big gap in the attack.


I hope you have enjoyed this article. The 6v6 soccer formation is very creative and strategic positions. Lastly, we can say that, no formation is perfect, teams should try all kinds of strategies to build the support.


What is the best 6s football formation?

The best formation for 6 a side would be 2-2-1.

What is the 3-6-1 formation?

A 3-6-1 gives teams to act with 3 in back, 4 in back, or 5 in back.

Is 3-5-2 an attacking formation?

3-5-2 is generally a defensive formation, with 3 central backs and 3 midfielders.

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