How to Read Diagram Of Soccer Field Like a Pro and Score More Goals! (2023)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on Diagram of Soccer Field. A soccer field is also known as a football pitch, it is a rectangular playing surface.

In this article we will study of various diagram of soccer field and various football soccer positions.

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Diagram of soccer field with measurements

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Dimensions of a soccer field can vary but most of them are between 100-130 yards in length and 50-100 yards in width. A Soccer field is marked with different types of lines and markings.

Field length

The Length of the soccer field ranges from 100 to 130 yards (91 to 119 meters). It is measured from the midpoint of each touchline.

Field width

The soccer field varies from 50 to 100 yards (46 to 91 meters). It is measured from the midpoint of each goal line.

Goal box

The goal box starts from 6 yards from both ends and extends 6 yards onto the field.

Penalty area

The penalty area is quite similar to the Goal box. It is 18 yards from the goalpost and 18 yards from the field.


These are the lines that mark the longer sides of the field. If the ball is out of play over the touchline or then the throw-in is awarded to the opponent team.

Halfway line

The line divides the field into two halves. When the soccer match starts, the ball is placed in the center circle and both teams are on their sides of the halfway line.

Corner flag

At every corner, there is a corner flag that specifies corner spots. A corner kick is given when the ball goes out of bounds over the end line and the last touch is by defending team.

Penalty spot

In the center of every penalty area, there is a spot that marks the location of a penalty kick. This spot is 12 yards from the center of the goal.


Sideline is the line that runs along the width of the field.

Centre circle

Centre circle is a spot at the center of the field, there is a circle with a radius of 10 yards (9.15 meters). It is a place where the game begins and the ball is kept for kick-off.

Soccer field diagram for coaches

Half soccer field diagram

Soccer field positions



Goalkeepers are the backbone of the team. They are the most underrated players in soccer team. They keeps the ball out of the ball and are the main recipients of team’s defense. They uses the hands and arms within the penalty box to make sure the possessions strong. They are also called goalie or keepers..



One of the most important position in the soccer field positions list. They have the responsibility to attack the opposition with their shots on goals. They take majority of the shots on goal. They are also known as strikers. Their game starts from starts from the midfield area. They do not get too much close on their own goal area. They should be ready anytime to score a ball when ball come to their position.

Forwards are the players who mostly take the penalty kicks or free kicks. They are always there for kickoff at the beginning of the game.

Forwards should not go beyond the midfield line, when the ball is near from their own goal post. They should be flexible to support the defense when ball is in near on goal post.

Forwards get most attention because of their playing positions. They are always in lime light.



You can say that midfielders are the all rounders in football field positions list. This is very important position both for defense and attack.

Some of the important task they do is-

  • Help the defense to make sure the opponents cant breach the defense and score goals.
  • Passing the ball to the forwards to help them score a goal.
  • Making sure to make way for the opposing team’s goal and score if received the opportunity.

The area for the midfielder play is very huge area. They have to be physically fit to cover huge area on the ground. But most of the times they have to be present on their position that is in the middle.



Defenders are the guardian of the team. They do everything possible to make sure the opponents cant be in the penalty area. Defenders are the last position the opposing team will encounter on the way to score the goals.

This position typically are present in the area near to the penalty box. The highest they can go far is the middle half of the field, typically between the box and midfield line.

Defenders are mostly expected to do goal kicks, throw ins and the corner kicks most of the time.


Understanding the dimension and marking of the soccer field is essential for both players and coaches.

The diagram shows the various lines and markings that define the boundaries of play. Location of penalties and the areas where goalkeepers are allowed to touch the ball.

With this information, players can understand the rules of the game and fans can follow the action on the field.

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What is the circle on a soccer field called?

It is called Penalty Spot.

How is soccer field divided?

Soccer field is divided by halfway line.

How long is a soccer game?

90 Minutes.

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