Do Soccer Players Wear Cups? (Safety Assurance!)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on do soccer players wear cups?

There are different kinds of variety of soccer equipment in the market right now. Cups are used commonly in many sports for the purpose of safety.

Most fans are very curious to know whether do soccer players wear cups.

The answer will be no, because most soccer players don’t wear during a game except for the goalkeepers.

But youth soccer players sometimes wear cups as protection.

According to the rules, it is completely fine in a soccer game to wear a cup. But it totally depends on the player whether he wants to wear it or not.

In this article, we will talk about its advantages and disadvantages. We would explain why and how they are used.

What are protective cups?

What are protective cups

One of the most sensitive parts after the eyes will be the groin area.

There are various names given to the cups including groin guards, support and jockstraps.

An underway cup is composed of a band which is enclosing a genital area.

In soccer, any activity that can increase your threat or can be dangerous to your private part should be protected.

We know that protective cups aren’t so popular. So the problem of wearing protective cups is that it restricts movement, so soccer cups are not worn by professional players.

Many sports use protective cups as safety equipment like hockey, handball, MMA, and many others.

Do football players wear cups?

Yes, not all players wear cups. You can suffer a groin injury if the ball on the foot will hit in that region.

In the past, these types of injuries were less common. But now these types of injuries are increasing rapidly. Then it comes to the point that there is a chance of injuries increasing rapidly.      

Why do soccer players not wear cups?

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So the simple answer is that soccer includes a lot of running. So wearing a cup for almost 90 minutes can be uncomfortable.

They don’t see the benefits of wearing a cup but they choose comfortableness during the play.

So these are the reasons why soccer players don’t prefer cups. But some positions like the goalies prefer wearing cups.

Do soccer goalies wear cups?

Do soccer goalies wear cups

It is very common for goalies or goalkeepers to wear cups for protection.

They wear it in the training sessions and in the games because they are more prone to injuries.

The goalies have to defend the goal, so in order to defend they have to expand their body parts and legs to stop the ball.

That’s why they are more prone to get hit by a ball or another in the groin area.        

Do youth soccer players wear cups?

Do youth soccer players wear cups

Youth soccer leagues are very cautious in protecting young players from injuries. Because young players have a lower tolerance in facing these injuries.

Use of the cups is quite rare in female youth soccer players.

But we have seen so many cases of getting the injury in the private area in a soccer game.

These types of pain are unbearable and wearing these cups in the game will ease the minds of the players and their parents also.

But it’s all for the player to be responsible and wear cups.

You will all be wondering if is it right or not to wear cups in a game.

Do soccer players need to wear jockstraps?

Do soccer players need to wear jockstraps

It should be fantastic if you wear this because you are securing one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Whatever, you will see that the risks are not that much high. In a soccer game, do you expect to be hit near your groin area? But its use is usually quite rare.

Here is an example, your opponents also can injure your eye by simply poking it. There is a risk of injury but that doesn’t mean that you wear eye protection.

But if you want to make a decision then make sure to keep these things in mind.

  • Consider a player’s age and risk.
  • Comfort is a very crucial factor in soccer.
  • Does wearing cups are irritating to players?

These points should be taken into consideration when deciding to wear cups or not.

Do soccer players wear compression shorts?

Do soccer players wear compression shorts

Compression shorts are also known as soccer sliding shorts.

There are the shorts almost every soccer player wears under normal shorts or pants.

They are generally lightweight, they usually give support and protection to a soccer player in all environments of the game.

Benefits of compression short-

1. Increases blood flow

They increase the blood flow of the body which is required to keep the player moving and feel them well.

The increased flow will reduce any swelling which is very common to any soccer player.

2. They offer warmth

We know that soccer is played in the winter so wearing these shorts, it will give additional heat to a player’s body.

3. They offer support

Compression shorts also give support to the groin area and your legs. This will keep the player safe and comfortable in the game.

4. Enhances Confidence

Soccer players will see an upliftment in their level of confidence. Because they know that they are well protected by these shorts.

5. More energy

Due to the increase in the blood flow, the muscle capacity will also be increased. They will feel much more energetic and less fatigued.


Soccer is very interesting sport but you should remember that it is a contact sport.

So a long-term injury can happen. So better be prepared than sorry.

If you are concerned about safety, you should definitely check out and start wearing cups.

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If you are concerned about safety then you should.

Do soccer players wear sports bras?

Yes, they wear.

Do girls need cups for sports?

No girl generally doesn’t need pelvic protection.

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