Do Soccer Players Wear Mouth Guards? (Tips to buy right one)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on do soccer players wear mouth guards?

Soccer is a low contact sport that has a few touches you should be prepared so that you can defend yourself against any accident.

When you talk of safety in soccer, people always talk about shin guards but in addition to that mouth guards are also very important for safety.

In this article, we will go put all the information about why do soccer players wear mouth guards?

So without wasting time let’s deep dive into this article-

Do Soccer players wear mouth guards?

Do Soccer players wear mouth guards

It is one of the most trending questions, every soccer fan wants to know,

Well if you talk about mouth guards they aren’t part of the protective equipment kit recommended by FIFA but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this blessing for soccer.

Even now there are many upcoming players who have started this protection initiative to use mouth guards and prevent themselves from any harm or a concussion.

Even the ADA (American Dental Association) recommends to use mouth guards for soccer players.

The UK is also pushing towards “No wear, No soccer” to inspire youth soccer players to use mouthguards. Professional soccer players are also starting to use mouth guards for next-level performance.       

How to select a good Mouth guard for soccer?

How to select a good Mouth guard for soccer

There are 3 types of mouthguards.

  • Boil and chew mouthguard
  • Customized mouth guard
  • Ready-made mouthguard

These mouthguards can vary in rates and consultation, but they offer a few safety features.

According to the American Dental Association, the best mouth guard they recommend is one that snog proof against tearing and resilience.

It is critical to say that the broken teeth don’t develop back so the mouth guard protection is necessary.

According to American Dental Association, a defensive mouthguard should be

  • Comfortable
  • Fits nicely
  • Easy to wear
  • Should not limit breathing
  • Tear resistant

Is mouth guard essential for braces in soccer?

mouth guard

Braces are a great option to please people with a smile which is why it is very important to put a mouth guard to defend your teeth with braces.

You don’t have to remove the development you made while wearing your braces.

The Gel Max is one of the few companies designed to be worn by people with braces.

 If you are using braces, you should get a good match mouthguard so that it can match with it and should give safety to teeth.

The main thing is, that it is very critical for people with braces to use a mouth guard.

Is mouthguard also applicable in youth soccer?

Yes, a mouthguard is recommended for youth soccer also, because as children’s teeth grow. It is very important to cover them to save them from any harm.

Generally, the kids who had lost their 2nd set of teeth had a threat of losing their truth from accident.

So the youngsters have a greater risk of injury and that is why protection is important.        

Does Cristiano Ronaldo also wear mouth guard?

Does Cristiano Ronaldo also wear mouth guard

Cristiano Ronaldo has recently shared with the media that he uses a mouth guard for his safety concerns.

The intention of mouth guard is to increase overall performance.

A new era of mouthguards is being created to assist players in enhancing their level of breathing while wearing them. One of the fastest soccer players Ronaldo has used it which means it will become a trend in future.             

How to take care of your mouth guard?

How to take care of your mouth guard

People always ask how do people take care of mouthguard ?

We know that Bacteria or fungi can easily develop if not cared for properly. You must clean the mouthguard periodically to avoid contact with bacteria or fungus.

The way to clean it is the same way you clean your teeth.

Yes get a toothpaste, and toothbrush and scrub all the debris. We also record you to dip in soapy water and then clean it with clean water.

The mouth guard also has a tendency to wear and tear. So when the cracks start to appear , it’s time to get replaced. Typically it has to remain a complete season even more so for best guards.

Regardless of wear and tear, you have to update them immediately.

After every use, wash them and put them in a case.

Playing positions which are recommended to use mouthguard

Well anyone can be hit at any time on the field so mouth guard is important for all athletes.

However, defenders and goalkeepers are more prone to injuries as they have to play contact with one another.

Strikers also need to make an investment in mouthguards as they are very prone to injury from opponent’s defenders.

How do mouthguards protect the soccer players?

How do mouthguards protect the soccer players

We know that mouth guards not only protect your tooth but also your mouth as well.

You are protecting your lips, mouth, gums, and teeth from any harm. It is like a helmet of your mouth which protects from any injury.

Some mouth guards provide outer lip safety as the shock doctor lip greed but it may not be handy as it is bulky in size.

You can have different types of injuries in soccer like if a ball is flying in your direction and if it hits your face then it can damage your mouth and gums.

 Your lips can also be busted during harsh tackles. A mouthguard will surely help in these types of injuries.

Sports where you have to put on a mouth guard

Sports where you have to put on a mouth guard

Any sport that has some contact in it is prone to oral injuries.

Coming to the point besides hockey and soccer, basketball has a higher chance of injuries.

Moreover, baseball is another game that requires oral safety. Tennis is also another game where you are prone to hit the ball on your face.

Most sports are prone to injury that’s why a mouth guard is important.


Wearing mouthguards is not a fashion statement but very important for the personal safety of soccer players.

You can see that new-generation players are taking these things seriously.

Hopefully, now you know do soccer players wear mouth guards?

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Does Ronaldo wear a mouth guard?

Ronaldo has been seen wearing a mouth guard for safety reasons.

Do Premiere League players wear mouth guards?              

The mouth guard has been recommended in the premier league for practice sessions.

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