How Long Do Soccer Games Last On TV? (Official Timings!)

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People were quite curious about these subjects they wanted to see what was behind the camera and what was there in real life.

So are you ready to go deeper in the mystery of the game? So without wasting time let’s go find out how long do soccer games last on TV?

How long does soccer games last?

How long does soccer games last

So you all have the query how long do these intense moments last? So here we will elaborate on all the technicalities related to it.

The length of a soccer game depends on the level of play and what is the competition level.

Every normal soccer match lasts for about approx. 2 hours from the first whistle.

A match consists of 45 minutes of 2 halves, halftime, and stoppage time.

If there is a tournament or playoffs then the game can last for longer than extra time and can lead to a penalty kick to declare a winner.

I hope you have got the clarity on why people ask how long do soccer games last on TV?

How long is a professional soccer game played?

How long is a professional soccer game played

The answer will be a professional soccer game is played 90 minutes of a normal playtime.

The duration is divided into two halves of 45 minutes each. However, the total game can also exceed 90 minutes because of the stoppage time at the end of the half.

Do soccer games start on time?

Do soccer games start on time

You should not make a general rule that a soccer game is exactly a 90-minute game on TV.

We know that television broadcasts can stretch the length of the game by bringing some additional things like pre-game analysis, halftime analysis, and post-game conclusion and interviews.

These additional analyses will bring you a complete package of entertainment and immense experience which will allow a community hood among the fans.

These are things that extend the length of the game on TV.

  • Pre-game analysts
  • Debating between the experts of soccer
  • Interviews with coaches and players which will make your experience enriching.
  • Halftime Shows
  • Expert commentary on the live game will feel like an enriched experience.
  • Interviews with some formal legend of soccer or some celebrity in the entertainment industry will glue your mind on the TV.
  • Post-match analysis
  • Some special moments from the match you can’t miss.

There were some points that will extend the game beyond the general 90 minutes time. But these things will increase the excitement level of viewers and make them engage fully in the game.

Now you know the answer of how long do soccer games last on TV?

Does extra time have an impact on the length of the game on TV?

how long is a soccer match including halftime

Extra time does have an impact on the length of a match. That will add suspense and excitement for viewers.

When a soccer ends tied even after a normal extra time then we have a penalty shootout to bring results to the game.

We have a spare time of 15 minutes which is divided into two halves which will extend the match broadcast to up to 30 minutes.

If the match is a draw, then even after the extra time the match will be decided by a penalty. Time taken will also depend on the rounds of penalty taken.

The total broadcast time will be extended beyond 90 minutes of normal gameplay and halftime. That will keep your excitement at the highest level.

The anticipation and thrill attached to a game will give you a unique atmosphere that will unite fans as they are waiting for their favorite players to perform.

We have to also say that extended time also affects the broadcasters and it becomes quite tough to schedule the airing of the match and also need to coordinate with the broadcasters. Now you have got the answer of how long is a soccer game with extra time.        

Factors that will extend the soccer games

It should be noted that there are some factors that can extend the game length unexpectedly that will impact both the players and the viewers.

These moments can cause a level of excitement for both players and the audience but it can be frustrating for the audience who had planned their day for the match.

You should look at these factors that will prepare you for any surprises that can extend the match.

1. Weather conditions


Extreme weather conditions such as rain, lightning, and strong winds can lead to delay or even postponement of the match.

But there will be some additional time for these events from 30 minutes to hours so the situation can be normal and ready to play the match.

2. Stoppages and injuries

Stoppages and injuries

These unexpected things can happen anytime in the match like some injured player needing medical attention that will extend the length of the game.

It really depends on how much the injury is severe, the stoppage time can last from 1 to over 10 minutes.

3. Extra time and penalty shootouts

penalty shootouts

In some knockout matches, such as cup competitions or some play-offs, if the scores are tied till the final whistle then the match will proceed to the extra time of 15 minutes which is divided into two halves.

The game will move to a penalty shootout if the scores are still tied. This will take an additional 30-40 minutes of your time.

Soccer game length on TV vs In Real

Now you have looked at how some unknown factors can extend the estimated length of the game.

Now let’s shift our focus on the difference of experience in viewing a match on TV vs. viewing a match in real.

When we are watching a soccer match on the TV we will get expert match commentary, pre and post-match analysis.

While in real actual game duration will be the same, commercial break and halftime shows can make the game a little longer than in a stadium.

Attending a live soccer match with a fellow audience offers a unique level of excitement and unmatched experience.

Additionally, experiencing the game as a person will give you the crowd’s noise, sounds, and emotions that a TV match can’t give you.

Finally, both TV and real life have both benefits and drawbacks that will cater to a person’s individual preferences.


In conclusion, we can say that you may now have gathered all the information on how long do soccer games last on TV and what factors affect the length of the game.

Now you already know the answer of how long is a soccer match including halftime.

So sit back and enjoy this beautiful game of soccer on TV.

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How long does a premier league game last on TV?

Around 90 to 120 minutes.

How many minutes is a world cup soccer game?

90 minutes plus 10 additional minutes or more.

Why is there extra time in soccer?

To account for injuries and goal celebrations.

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