How Many Miles Do Soccer Players Run In A Game? (Facts!)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on how many miles do soccer players run in a game?

People are so curious to know about soccer players’ routines. You should know that if you are watching the match on TV, it looks easier and fun but in real playing a full 90 minutes game is very hectic.

The distance covered by soccer players depends on many factors, but the average distance for players is around 7 miles.

How many miles do football players run in a game?

The average distance covered by position

In soccer or football, if you want to calculate the distance covered by players, you will also have to see through positions.

Every position has a different job to play. The goalkeeper and defenders have to stay back.

The midfielders have to run a lot to support both defenders and attackers.



Now coming to the expected answer, yes the goalkeepers don’t have to run too much in a soccer field. They won’t have to even cross the penalty area to pass or shoot.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a role in a team, instead losing and winning depend on the goalkeeper’s performance.

So talking about answers goalkeepers rarely can run around 2 miles in a 90-minute game.

Full backs

Full backs

Full backs are the defensive positions that will mostly be on the sides of center backs. Full backs distance covered in a game depends on how coaches use them.

Some coaches want to play fullbacks as wingers, basically in midfield. Other ones want them to hold the possession in the defense.

So practically fullbacks will cover mostly the same distance as center backs (around 5 miles) and attacking fullbacks will cover around 7 miles or more.

Central midfielders

Central midfielders

This position is one of the most different positions because this position central midfielders are required to do different things.

An attacking central midfielder like Zinedine Zidane will do more threat than an opposition goal and he will not move further back.

This means that the distance will be not the same for everyone. You should expect the central midfielders to run around 7 miles. You should have got the answer of how many days a midfielder runs in a soccer game.



These types of players have to function their game throughout the midfield and attack.

This means they didn’t have the time to support the defenders. They pose a greater threat to the opposition defenders.

If you talk about how many miles they have to run to cover a smaller distance if you compare them with a midfielder, but a larger distance than the defenders.

You should be expecting the wingers to cover around 5 to 6 miles during a game.



These are the players who always get the limelight. The job of winning their team matches, basically is to score a lot of goals.

That means lots of time is spent at the opposite end of the pitch.

The amount of pitch covered by strikers in a game depends on the team’s tactics. For example, if a team is playing an attacking tactic, then the attackers have to do lot of running.

If the team is in defensive tactic, then the attackers will back off and they will not be expecting too much possession. On average, you should expect a striker to run around 6 miles in a competitive match.

How far do soccer players run in a World Cup game?

How far do soccer players run in a World Cup game

Players are super excited in a World Cup game so they have to be very fit and should have endurance.

According to the reports of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Sergio Ramos ran a total of 41.4 km in total 4 games. The Real Madrid defender had been averaging around 10 km (6.4 miles) per game.

Talking about the 2018 FIFA World Cup Croatian winger Ivan Perisic covered the most ground in that World Cup.

He traveled around 45 miles in the whole period of the World Cup.

His teammates Ivan Rakitic (45 miles) and Luka Modric (44.93 miles) followed him.

That was also one of the reasons why Croatia got through the final of the 2018 World Cup.

How many miles does a women soccer player run in a game?

How many miles does a women soccer player run in a game

Women soccer players work really hard in soccer. As this sport is a high-intensity sport.

According to various research, it has been seen that woman soccer players run an average of 5 miles about (8km) in a game while men run about 7 miles in a game.

How many miles do soccer players run in practice?

How many miles do soccer players run in practice

Soccer players run an average of 3-8 miles in a training session.

They have to run more for the pre-season to be able to do a strong level of fitness in the full matches.

Running is very important in soccer. But it really depends on coaches and bosses to make the player more fit on the schedule.

Most distance covered by a football player in a single match

Marcelo Brozovic

Marcelo Brozovic

Marcelo Brozovic has broken the record for the amount of distance covered in the FIFA World Cup.

This 30-year-old has covered to total of 16.7 km in a World Cup match in Japan.

He has broken his own record for running a game of 16.3 km against Russia.

Bozovic played against Japan and this midfielder not only played the full 90 minutes plus stoppage time but also extra time.

Although his natural style of play is passing the ball and supporting the defenders.

It’s quite surprising that he covered that much distance in just a span of 2 hours.

He has broken his own record that Brozovic had created against the host Russia in to 2018 FIFA World Cup.


Soccer is a competitive game, players have to run all around the pitch to keep a check on the opposition and also score goals.

Whether you are a central midfielder or a striker you have to run harder to make your team win.

On average, soccer players have to run almost 7 miles in a game.

I hope, i have answered your question on how many miles do soccer player run a day.

So keep in mind when you yell players on TV to work harder play well.

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Around 11 kilometres (approx 7 miles)

How many miles does Ronaldo run in a game?

Ronaldo runs approx 6 miles per game.

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