How Many Soccer Games In a Season? (Updated 2023!)

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How long is a Soccer Season?

How long is a Soccer Season

There are between 10 to 15 soccer games per season in high school, 18 to 20 in college level and 38 games in a professional soccer leagues.

Here is a complete breakdown of how many games in different leagues-

LeaguesTotal Games
La Liga42
Premier League38
Ligue 138
Serie A38
MLS34 season games + 13 playoff games
NWSL22 season game + 3 playoff games

High school season (Average games)

High school season

Most high school season takes place in the US since the weather is most pleasant.

Well, there is no general calendar across the United States but most teams play from August to October.

On average High school teams in the US generally play 10 to 12 games per season.

Teams that make it to past seasons will play additional matches somewhere around 15 matches in 3 months.

In the US there is also a unique style of playing which is known as spring soccer season. In some states, the girl’s team will play in the spring and the boys’ team will play in the fall.

College Season (Average games)

College Season

Players playing in the NCAA have to deal with a very busy schedule. In 10 weeks teams will play around 18 to 20 games in a full season.

There were plans to change the style of playing as it was causing overburden on the players that were causing injuries to players.

The vote was initially planned in April 2020 but got delayed because of the pandemic.

Professional leagues in Europe

Professional leagues in Europe

People were curious to know how many games do soccer players play a year in Europe?

So here we will talk about the European top clubs and break down their season’s schedule.

La Liga

La Liga

-42 games per season.

People are so curious about La Liga and ask how many games are in a soccer season in La Liga?

So here is the answer- 42 games.

The Spanish La Liga hosts 20 teams that play around 38 games and soccer fans around the world will recognize Champions Real Madrid who have record 35 championship titles in La Liga.

Their system of relegation is the same and they relegate their three lowest teams to La Liga 2.

In that division, there are 22 teams that play a maximum of 42 games per season. The top two will get an automated promotion to La Liga again and the 6th team will play off to win the way up.

Premier League

Premier League

-38 games per season

All the 20 teams in the Premier League come from England. So people wanted to answer the question how many soccer games in a season of the premier league?  So the answer is 38 games.

The lowest 3 teams at the end of the season are subject to relegation to the English Football League, which hosts 24 teams. In the same August to May, those 24 teams also play in round robin format meaning they will rack up 48 games in the same time period.

The top two teams will advance to the Premier League.

The teams through the 6th team will play each other in the EFL.

The winner of the championship play-off will have played an additional two games to earn the privilege to move up to the Premier League for a total of 50 games per season.

Ligue 1

Ligue 1

-38 games per season

The French league currently has 20 teams who play 38 games. However, in the season of 2023-24, there will be only 18 teams.

This means that four teams will be relegated to the Ligue 2.

From 2023 this year, the Ligue I will play 34 games per season and Ligue 2 will play 38 games per season.

Serie A

Serie A

-38 games per season

Like the Premier League and La Liga. The Italian Serie A teams play 38 games per season from August to May.

This league is home to famous teams like Juventus and AC Milan.

The Italian Serie B league also has 20 teams and plays 38 games. As with others, the top two teams will get automatic promotion to Serie A.

If the third-placed team is 10 or more points ahead of the 4th placed team, they will be automatically promoted.



-34 games per season.

The German league comprises 18 teams that play from August to May.

All teams play each other twice once at home and one away for 34 games per season.

The 2 Bundesliga League also hosts 18 teams that play 38 games. The third-placed 2. Bundesliga plays an additional game against them from the last team. Which will determine which team will play Bundesliga this season.


MLS = 34 season games + 13 playoff games

NWSL = 22 season game + 3 playoff games

We know that soccer in the US is in its growing stage but the states host a professional men’s and professional women’s soccer league.

They play from March (men) and April (women) till October.

In a regular season, each MLS team plays 34 games while 17 at home, and 17 away. The teams that make the postseason play up to an additional 13 games for a total of 47.

The NWSL plays 22 regular games with 11 at home and 11 away.

Teams that make the postseason play an additional 3 games for a total of 25 games.

So now you know the answer.


We know that soccer is balanced around the world. But there isn’t a consistent schedule throughout the world.

Most teams are broken up into different leagues. Many leagues are set up as a round-robin. This means that more teams will be added to the league and there will be more games.

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