Collision and Controversy : Is Soccer a Contact Sport? (2023)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on “Is soccer a contact sport”.

Soccer is known as a beautiful game. It is also known as a skilled game that isn’t known for a high collision.

As there is a serious debate ongoing on whether is soccer a contact sport or not?

In this article, we will explore the dynamics of soccer, and introspect physicality and throw light on whether is soccer a contact sport or not.

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What is a contact sport?

players playing rugby

A contact sport is defined as a sport where physical contact is a fundamental aspect of gameplay. In these sports, players have to conflict in physical collisions for gaining possession or competing for the ball.

Whereas if you talk of soccer, the collision is not part of the fundamentals of the game, players doing it are discouraged against harsh contact.

Basketball and soccer are examples of this sport.

Is football a contact sport?

Is football a contact sport?

When you talk of the physical nature of soccer. Yes, there is also an element of physicality in soccer. But it is not the same and continuous as any other contact sport.

The physical nature of soccer can be seen in many aspects-

Challenges and tackles

Soccer players perform challenges and tackle to win the ball. While the tackles are strictly penalized if it causes harm to the opponent’s safety.

While well executed are legal and fine.

Aerial attacks

In aerial attacks, players compete and try to score the goal with a header, it involves a physical attack as they jump in the air for the header.


Players mostly defenders use the body to shield the ball while defending. These are fine if someone is not using extreme force or has injured an opponent.

Goalkeeper-attack interception

When a goalkeeper prepares for a save or challenges for a coming striker. The physical contact chances are very common.

Legal contact in soccer

player getting red card

(FIFA) the governing body of soccer, recognizes soccer’s physical elements and has declared some rules regarding it. Some of the rules related to physical contact in soccer are-


Players are fined for violating the law of soccer, which includes using excessive force or endangering an opponent’s safety.

Advantage play

Referees are allowed to use the advantage play rule if the fouled team is having an advantage after the foul, if no advantage is gained, then the referees would give a free-kick or penalty.

Yellow and Red Cards

The referee issue a yellow or red card if the foul is much severe. A yellow card is issued for a warning and a red card is issued for a serious foul and the player is set off the field.

Different refereeing styles

There are different refereeing styles, so the level of tolerance is different and can vary among various leagues. Some referees allow leniency towards physical contact with others, while others are very strict with the rules.

Is basketball a contact sport?

players playing basketball

Basketball is a type of contact sport same as soccer but not severe as rugby. It is also a physical game but contact is very well discouraged. Due to this, Basketball is considered a non-contact sport.

In a typical basketball game, there is all kinds of pushing and bumping everyone. Yes, you can’t tackle like rugby but there is a little bit of contact in basketball.

Is baseball a contact sport?

Is baseball a contact sport?

Baseball is a contact sport, people might ask, but baseball is only a contact sport in certain situations, collisions at home plate between a runner slide to 2nd base and into the shortstop, or an occasion play at the plate.

You have to be physically and mentally very tough to play the game, People who say different things don’t understand the game weak are most probably mentally weak.

Is volleyball a contact sport?

Is volleyball a contact sport?

Volleyball can’t be classified as a contact sport, as this sport doesn’t allow body contact between each participant. Instead the term “contact” is mainly used to handle the ball.

“Contact” term is used by volleyball to handle the ball. Volleyball refers to “set”, “pass” and attack.

Is netball a contact sport?

Netball is perceived very smooth and gentle game, mostly because people consider, it as a non-contact sport. However, netball has some contact involved. Well netball is considered no contact, there is an opportunity for contact to be made.

Netball is a ‘fair contact sport’ means that simultaneously contact is allowed in this sport.

Non contact sport

Non contact sport

Non-contact sports are those sports that not only forbid contact between competitors but sets up rules and regulations so that there is no chance of sharing some physical contact.

The most popular non-contact sports that promote individual play that is tennis, bowling, pool, swimming, and golf.

List of contact sports

There are a lot of safety measures taken to prevent injuries in the sport, despite that some sports are prone to injury. Examples of contact soccer are rugby, wrestling, soccer, ice hockey, and boxing.


players playing soccer

Soccer is a game that involves a lot of physical battles which can even lead to severe injuries, (FIFA) the governing body for soccer has made incredibly important related to how fair game in soccer should be played.

Unlike before hard tackles, pushing and excessive force were a common part of the game. Today’s soccer is non-contact and towards exchange for the safety of the game.

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What is considered a contact sport?

The person making continuous contact with people or object with less force.

Is football Uk a non-contact sport?

It doesn’t feel like but yes football is officially a contact sport.

What type of sport in soccer?

It is a team sport involving 11 players.

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