Facts about Kai Havertz Girlfriend : Sophia Weber

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Some people also say that she is Kai Havertz wife. Before getting into who is Kai Havertz girlfriend. Let’s talk about Kai Havertz first.

Kai Havertz’s full name is Kai Lukas Havertz. He is a German professional football player who had played as a midfielder for Chelsea which is a premiere league club. He plays for Germany national team as well. Currently he is playing his first season for Arsenal as a midfielder.

He was born in Aachen, North Rhine Westphalia in Germany.

He was born on June 11 1999. He is currently 23 years of age. He has a height of 1.93 m and he weighs of around 83 kg.

He began his journey as a soccer player at the age of 4 at an amateur club Alemannia Mariadorf, where his mentor Richard, who was the main head of the club.

In 2009, he was signed by Almennia Aachen which is a Bundesliga 2 Club. He only spent a year at academy after then at the age 11 he joined Bayer Leverkusen.

On September 4, 2020, Kai Havertz signed a 5 year contract with Premier League club Chelsea. This was 2nd most expensive signing the transfer fee was €62 million, which would rise to €71 million.

Who is Kai Havertz gf?

Kai Havertz girlfriend is Sophia Weber. Kai and Sophia know each other for long time. Sophia is a model and currently girlfriend of Kai Havertz.

People were assuming that Kai Havertz is married and Kai Havertz wife is maybe Sophia Weber.

Who is Sophia Weber?

Who is Sophia Weber

Kai Havertz is dating Sophia Weber. Sophia Weber was born on 28 March, 1999. Kai and Sophia know each other for many years, as they both were neighborhood friends. Havertz and Sophia are couples since 2018.

Same like Kai Havertz, she is also quite popular among young people. She is known as a one of the best model in Europe.

She doesn’t want to share her childhood life or past life in public, she want to kept it secret from public.

What we know about her is that she has done her schooling from Germany and then later in the world of modelling. Modelling as a job can be a hectic job but Weber has kind off maintained her relationship with Kai Havertz quite well.

She has moved to London for work related causes. We can say that since she moved to London, she is quite had a good growth rate in her career.

How did she meet him?

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Both couples hail from same area in Germany so obviously their bonding is quite strong. Even they are sharing their space from since school time as they were in same schools.

It is very obvious to say that bonding’s made in the school and college are very strong then the short relationships made in today’s time, so their relationship is very lucky to been still intact since school times.

Weber loves wearing the German National team jersey to support both his country and boyfriend on international events.

Kai Havertz Girlfriend is rumoured to have travelled to England to support his boyfriend. One of the great things about Sophia is that she supported his career both on his ups and downs.

Sophia Weber’s career

Sophia Weber work as a model. She does following things-

  • Pose for photos Paintings.
  • Wear designer’s clothes for fashion shows.
  • Wear clothing and promote merchandise both online and offline.
  • Do shows for an event, conventions, trade shows.

Their Relationship’s Future

Kai Havertz and Sophia Weber are dating for long time. They used to stay really close in childhood in Germany. It seems that she will be the future kai Havertz wife.

Currently this couple lives together in London, no matter they are married or not. We hope surely they will get married in the future and if not we will see how their relationship’s future will look like.

Currently they didn’t have any children, obviously because they are pretty young. There is good chance both couple will look on their career first before expanding the family.

Well they didn’t have any children but they are owners of pets. Both have been seen posting pictures with their pets.

It has been seen that having pets is considered to be prepping for their upcoming kids. This is good because pets really create a comfortable environment for kids.

Is Kai Havertz leaving Chelsea?

Recently, on 28 june 2023, Kai Havertz has signed Chelsea’s rival Arsenal for a fee of 65 million euros.

The soccer transfer market is full of financial considerations, player’s demand and competition. So the demand of talented players like Kai Havertz will kept on increasing. So in the upcoming years you can see some more transfers in the career of Kai Havertz.


Hope you have gathered all the information related to rumored Kai Havertz wife that is Sophia Weber.

I hope this article have given clarity on Sophia Weber and her relationship with Kai Havertz. She is a German model and her relationship with Kai Havertz is doing quite well.

Kai is also quite growing in his career and so is Weber. So we hope their relationship might get converted into marriage.

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Is Kai Havertz married?

No Kai Havertz isn’t married, but dating his girlfriend Sophia Weber.

Is Sophia Weber German?

Sophia Weber was born in Aachen, Germany.

Is Kai Havertz a fast player?

Kai Havertz clocks fastest speed in Bundesliga last season.

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