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Karim Benzema the well-known footballer was born on 19 December 1987. He is a French professional player who plays for the popular Spanish Club Real Madrid.

Benzema is Real Madrid’s second-highest goal scorer ever. He has won overall 23 topics for Real Madrid. It includes 4 La Liga, two Copa del Rey, 5 UEFA champions league titles.

He was in Lyon from Algerian parents, Benzema had begun his career at Olympique Lynnoias in 2005.

Benzema was named player of the year in 2008 and he was the top goal scorer and won his 1st Coupe de France. In 2009, Benzema accepted the offer to join Real Madrid with €35 million.

But in this article, we will dive deeper into Karim Benzema brothers, family, wife and cousins. So are ready to know about Karim Benzema siblings.

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Karim Benzema’s father and mother

Karim Benzema father

Mother- Wahida Djebbara

Father – Hafid Benzema

Benzema’s family was primarily based in Algeria. They begin their journey in 1950, Da Lakehal Benzema, Karim’s grandfather migrated from Algeria to France.

Benzema’s father was born in Algeria before moving to France. Benzema’s father met Wahid Djebbara in Lyon and married her.

Karim Benzema is the third youngest child of his parent. Karim Benzema’s family remains in Lyon, and Karim joined a local football club As Des Buers Villeurbanne.

Benzema had an eye on the goal and wanted to become a footballer. Ligue 1 club Lyon saw his talent and took him as a striker.

Karim Benzema brothers always supported him in his career. Benzema’s family fortunately now gets clicked in France. Benzema finally makes his debut at the age of 19.

He currently has 97 caps for his country and Benzema scored 37 times in international matches.

Who are Karim Benzema siblings?

Karim Benzema siblings

So people are asking who are Karim Benzema siblings?

So we will give an insight into Karim Benzema brothers and sisters.

Karim Benzema has a total of 8 siblings excluding him. Karim is 3rd youngest son of his family with 3 brothers and 5 sisters.

Gressy BenzemaNafissa Benzema
Sabri BenzemaLaeticia Benzema
Farid BenzemaLydia Benzema
Sofia Benzema
Celia Benzema

As you know that most of Benzema’s family is not known to anyone but two of karim benzema brothers are known as Gressy and Sabri both played soccer. Gressy was forced to retire because of injury but he is contributing to his brother’s management.

Another brother, Sabri another brother of Karim Benzema has played football semi-professionally

But Sabri moved away from football and the limelight.

Nafisa Benzema is one of the Karim Benzema siblings

Who is Karim Benzema’s wife?

Karim Benzema wife

Current partner: Jordon Ozuna

Ex wife: Cora Gauthier

Karim Benzema had quite been popular in the news for his relationship. He had his first love with Cora Gauthier. He has been very introverted in talking about his relationship in public.

Benzema was happily married to model Cora Gauthier since 2017. He also had his son with Cora. They are quite protective in keeping their life private.

Does he have a wife?

Cora is quite famous for her modeling career and she has built a good amount of business.

She works in both London and Madrid, as Karim plays for Real Madrid. Rarely we have seen pics of both of them together.

Apart from by a model, she is also an Instagram influencer. She met Karim in Dubai and she married him in 2017. She named her son Ibrahim.

Does he have 2 wives?

Reports are coming that Cora and Karim was are separated in 2022. After that Karim was seen with his new girlfriend Jordan Ozuna. Jordan is a former Hooters waitress. She had turned her carrier to modeling.

Currently, both couple is getting closer day by day in fact Jordan Ozuna is expecting her first child with Karim Benzema.

His Children

Karim Benzema Children

Daughter: Melia Benzema (born in 2014)

Son: Ibrahim Benzema (born in 2017)

And his current gf is expecting his 3rd child in 2023.

Karim Benzema had his child from different mothers and is expecting his 3rd child from Jordon Ozuna.

His first child was born in 2014, with her mother chloe de lawney, she met Benzema in 2009. Both were really close but were separated.

Karim Benzema’s second child Ibrahim was born in 2017 with her mother Cora Gauthier. But unfortunately, Cora and Karim broke up in 2022.

Ozuna is expecting a third child with her husband Karim in 2023. Karim is a very private person. He doesn’t disclose any private thing in public.

Despite his busy schedule, He still spent a good time with his kids and his partner.

Benzema’s Brothers

Karim Benzema has total 3 brothers of which two are involved in soccer, Gressy Benzema who was retired in 2012 and helped Benzema in his carrier.

Another one is Sabri Benzema who has played semi professional soccer, but ended up leaving soccer. People say that Karim Benzema brothers has supported him when he was in his starting carrier till he became successful.


So in the end we can say that Karim Benzema siblings and specially Karim Benzema brothers are huge supporter of him. Despite the success Benzema is receiving , he is still connected to his roots. His journey motivates everyone to never give up on your dreams.

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Does Karim Benzema have siblings?

Yes, Karim Benzema has 8 siblings.

How many brothers does Karim Benzema have?

Karim has 2 brothers.

Does Benzema have a sister?

Yes, Benzema has 5 sisters.

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