Discover the Top 10 Long Haired Soccer Players (Latest 2023)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on Top 10 long haired soccer players. This article is based on 10 soccer players who have long hair.

Soccer has a great relationship with hairstyles. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham have started the trend of trendy hairstyles.

The craze of long hairstyles is a long-time trend in soccer.

Let’s get into the article to know more about 10 male athletes with long hair.

1. Edinson Cavani – Uruguay

Edinson Cavani

Edinson Cavani has played with one of the best European clubs so far, this striker has helped the (PSG) Paris Saint Germain.

With his great curly hair and good looks, Cavani is a great imposing personality. People often say him as arrogant or ruthless. Well, you can’t become PSG’s all-time great by not being ruthless.

But outside the pitch, Cavani is one of the most ground to earth person in the soccer world.

2. Gareth Bale – Wales

Gareth Bale

People have been asking that “Why do soccer players have long hair?” Here is the reason Gareth Bale. Gareth Bale has inspired people with his skills as well as his fashion style.

But the bad news is that Real Madrid star Gareth Bale retired in January 2023.

If you have to focus on his career limelight, he has 3 La Liga titles, 5 Champions League winner medals and 3 world club cup trophy. But still, he is not considered popular.

3. Luka Modric – Croatia

Luka Modric

One of the greatest midfielders and playmakers ever produced in soccer. He is average built, creative and very intelligent midfielder.

Coming to the point, Modric’s signature long hair and his rapid movement stand him apart.

Modric has been one man army for the Croatian national team to win two major trophies, runner-up in the 2018 world cup and almost making it there in 2022.

He is quiet and intelligent, often regarded as the best midfielder in the world.

4. Virgil van Dijk – Netherlands

Virgil van Dijk

Here comes the bad boy also called as defenders and the leader of the bad boys is Virgil van Dijk, the giant Liverpool defender with long hair.

He is one of the best defenders in Liverpool. It is due to him the Anfield club finally lifted the trophy after 30 years.

With his hair scraped back into a ponytail. He has been a lethal figure for both Netherlands and Liverpool.

5. Sergio Ramos – Spain

Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid’s legendary defender, long hair flapping bear digs down the striker. He didn’t mind the Red Card if he meant winning the battle.

Sergio Ramos’s long hair has always been in the dream bucket list of the youngsters all over the world.

One of the most set-off players in Spain and Real Madrid. Captain Sergio Roman had long hair, dozens of tattoos and looked like angry young men.

6. Ronaldinho – Brazil


When you talk of a living legend, Ronaldinho is one of them. He continues to answer the question “How to play soccer with long hairs”?

Ronaldinho was a world-class footballers with long hair and a world cup winner for his team Brazil.

He was easily recognized as having a tall, goofy smile and long flying hair. There was no player who would enjoy soccer more than Ronaldinho.

While some players often see themselves as very competitive but Ronaldinho was different from other players.

7. Zlatan Ibrahimović – Sweden

Zlatan Ibrahimović

One of the biggest bad boys of this generation, there will never be a player like Ibrahimović.

When you talk of this Swedish striker, he is very confident and talented. When you see him, he is 6 feet tall, martial art expert and has long dark hair.

He is an excellent entertainer, people make a quote about him that say Ibrahimović doesn’t need to, the trophy needs Ibrahimovic.

8. Erling haaland – Norway

Erling haaland

The new kid on the field, has all that it takes to be one of the greatest in soccer. Yes, he is Erling Haaland, the son of Alfie Haaland.

His goals scoring style and records are quite similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. It is hard to ignore Haaland, He’s 6 feet tall and has long, and blonde hair.

At only 22, he has the capabilities to beat both Ronaldo and Messi.

He is a nightmare for the defenders. He is quick, story and looks set for a great career in soccer.

9. Antoine Griezmann – France

Antoine Griezmann

One of the greatest world-class forwards for years. Antoine Griezmann’s stylish shoulder-length hair would flap behind his jersey.

The quality of Griezmann makes him 5th most expensive player of all time in 2019, when Barcelona bought him.

While some things didn’t work well in Barcelona but his international career has been great. Griezmann is able to play on the wing and also as a striker’s role.         

He is known for his lustrous hair and his great assists.

10. Marcelo – Brazil


Marcelo is one of the most talented and skilled fullbacks in the history of soccer. His curly long hair has been trending in youngsters.

The Brazilian is one of the players who is one of the best long hair soccer players.

He was in the Great Real Madrid team including the short curly hair Ronaldo who has won 5 UEFA Champions League trophies.


So these were the top 10 long haired soccer players. The hairstyles of these players have become role model for the fans.

Hope you have enjoyed this article about knowing the long haired soccer players.

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Can you have long hair in Soccer?

It’s completely fine to have long hair in soccer without tying.

Who is the football player with the longest hair?

Polamalu is a defender whose hair length was 3ft long (1m)

Is hair pulling illegal in soccer?

Hair pulling is not essentially covered in the laws of the game and it’s quite rare.

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