Revealing N Golo Kante Wife: Meet Jude Littler

N’ Golo Kante is a French professional footballer. He had played for Chelsea, which is one of the most popular teams in the premier league. On June 21st 2023 he has agreed to sign Saudi Professional league club Al -Ittihad. People are quite curious to know about N Golo Kante Wife.

N’ Golo Kante is considered a defensive type of player. He is considered one of the best midfield players in this modern era.

So without wasting time, let’s deep dive into this article.

Who is N’ Golo Kante?

N’ Golo Kante

N’ Golo Kante was born on 29 March, 1991. He began his career with Boulogne in 2012.

He is quite famous for winning the league at Leicester City and Chelsea.

Since, Kante arrived in England, he was always on the winning side. Kante was part of the 2018 French side winning the world cup.

At the club level, he has won UEFA Super Cup, the Champions League, the Europa league, FA cup and most important he has won the Premier League twice.

He is known for his exceptional work rate and ball-winning abilities.

He is a calm and super-disciplined player on the field. He has the strength to regain possession, intercept Posses, and shot blocking. Man who can create possession for his team by quickly moving the ball to the attackers.

But in this article, we will not focus on him. We will discuss about Kante’s wife.

Who is Jude Littler?

Jude Littler

Jude Littler was born on 30 November, 1975, in Anglesey, Wales. She is a British citizen, Since she was a child, her parents were always caring and supporting.

She doesn’t want to talk about her personal life. You will never see her speaking on the camera or she doesn’t make any public appearances.

She appears to be very educated and she dresses really well. She has done her schooling from a school near his home. She is even graduated and have gotten a degree from a college.

Unlike other players’ wives, Jude Littler is different.

Kante’s wife doesn’t share anything related to her personal life and doesn’t even have a strong social media presence.

The meeting of N’ Golo Kante and Jude littler is unknown. The couple is having their life private.

People were asking about N Golo Kante Wife. But Kante never revealed his relationship in public.

Does Kante has a wife and a child ?

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Do N’Golo Kante and Jude Littler have kids? Yes N Golo Kante’s wife has 3 kids but not with Kante. As mentioned earlier, she has 3 children from previous relationships.

Jude gave birth to her 1st children in 2006, and named Clay Cissé.

In 2008, she welcomed her 2nd child Prince Kobe Cisse’.

After Two years, in 2010, she gave birth to her child Marley Jackson Cisse’.

Jude Littler’s Career

N’ Golo Kante wife

The 46 year old Jude littler is a business woman. She weighs around 55kg and she has a height of 5ft 4inches.

Her family details are unknown. Jude Littler’s net worth is around $2 million While Kante net worth is around $23 million.

She is kind of girl who support kante mentally and emotionally. Like it is said that behind every successful man there is a woman.

She has gotten limelight by a series called swap TV series where she agreed to swap life with a poor family. She has done a show called ”Rich holiday, Poor holiday”. In which she had taken her 3 kids on a trip.

These were the incidents where she was first appeared in limelight.

Jude Littler and Kante

Jude littler is a former businesswoman who always care for his family. She is a shy woman. She rarely comes out in public.

But no doubt she is a loving and caring wife who cares for Kante, both mentally and emotionally.

Who is Jude Littler ex husband?

kante's wife ex husband

Before marrying kante, Jude Littler was with famous French footballer Djibril Cisse. He began his carrier in 1989 with club AC Arles. For 17 years he has played famous club including Liverpool, he has played total 600 games.

In October 2004, he has suffered a horrible leg injury in which he was told that he had to rest for entire season. But he came back very strongly, in about only 8 months he came back and even score in penalty shootout where he scored and made the team winner of champions league.

On the international level , he has played France senior team 41 times. After having successful career in soccer, Cisse changed his job from soccer to a DJ and have become a producer. He has worked in 2016, with a warm DJ in Mariah Carey event.

There is no record of how Jude littler met him but he tied the knot with him on December 18th, 2004.

However their relationship didn’t last long and in 2012 they end their marriage.


Hope you gathered enough information on the rumoured N’Golo Kante wife.

In the end i will say that it is very important to respect the personal lives of any celebrity. We should not sneek peek on their privacy. We should respect N Golo Kante for his contribution in the field of soccer.

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How old is N’Golo Kante wife?

N Golo Kante wife is 46 years old.

Does kante have a wife?

Jude Littler is a the N Golo kante’s wife.

Does Kante have any children?

As per reports, there are no children of kante.

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