Sadio Mane Wife: Who is Melissa Reddy?

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Senegal star Sadio Mane is now considered a prominent figure in the soccer world. His contributions is very valuable for both the club and country.

You should know that on August 1, 2023 Sadio Mane has announced signing of Saudi Pro League club’s Al Nassr.

In the past he has won the UEFA Champions league, Premier League Titles, FA cup and he has also got AFCON trophy for Senegal.

But the most burning question is does sadio mane have a wife?

There are a lot of rumors floating on social media. We will clear all the rumours of who is Sadio Mane’s girlfriend.

So without wasting time let’s deep dive into this article-

Who is Sadio Mane?

Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane is a professional football player who plays as a forward for Al Nassr, a Saudi Pro League Club.

He initiated his career with Metz, a ligue 2 club at the age of 19. He has all the capabilities to be one of the best players in the world.

He is also the captain of the national team of Senegal and is considered one of the best players African Nations has produced.

He has appeared in over 100 appearances and scored 32 goals so far for his country.

Among the most amazing African players. He has great potential including pressing, dribbling, and speed.

Who is Sadio Mane wife?

Actually, Sadio Mane doesn’t have a wife and he is not married. But he is in a relationship with Melissa Reddy. However, some people still believe that it is a rumor.

Since the rumor is spreading. They may soon address their relationship status.

But here we will only discuss the rumored Sadio Mane relationships.

Who is Melissa Reddy ?

She is currently working as a senior correspondent for sky sports, she mostly comes to represent in Premier League matches.

Sadio Mane is dating Melissa Reddy. She is a South African-based journalist who is employed at global powerhouse Sky Sports.

She was the first woman to step into that position. She also worked as a Liverpool Correspondent for a Goal Website, Espn, Joe, and the Independent.

When you know a little more about Melissa Reddy. She is well known for her book “Believe us how Jorgen Kloop transformed Liverpool into title winners. This book has been very popular in Liverpool fans and around the globe.

If you talk about her social media, she is quite popular on Instagram with 138K followers.

She has also done little bit schooling from a school in Portugal which has toned her writing skills so much.

What is Melissa Reddy’s nationality?

Sadio Mane wife

She is an South African by nationality and currently working at Sky Sports news.

Coming from a humble middle class background from a small coastal city to becoming a global correspondent in football.

She first worked as an intern at a business channel in South Africa. After 2011, she was the head of football and deputy Editor of kick-off magazine. The biggest newspaper in South Africa.

Her journey is quite inspiring, we agree that her nationality will tell you about her origin. But it is her work ethic, talent, and passion that has led her to become one of the best global journalist in football.

What is Melissa Reddy’s Religion?

According to the reports, Melissa Reddy’s Religion is Hinduism as her origins are from India.

Like any other popular sports celebrity, she hasn’t shared anything about her religious beliefs and she wants to remain private on these matters.

People should also respect her personal beliefs and they shouldn’t invade her privacy.

Family of Melissa Reddy

Melissa Reddy’s family is from South Africa. She was born to a very supportive and caring parents which provided her freedom to do anything. She spent her all childhood with her parents. Her family was a sports-loving family.

Her family has always been stood in her back to support whatever she wants to do in her life. That is one of the reasons why she has exceled in her career.

Does Sadio Mane have kids?

According to reports, Sadio Mane is not married. Sadio Mane does not have any children and he has never been a father.

Although Sadio Mane try to stay away from the camera and fame. But it is sure that he doesn’t have kids right now.

What does Mane do with his salary?

What does Sadio Mane do with his salary
  • Sadio Mane is not only great on pitch but also great outside the pitch, according to some news reports, he donates much of his $14 million a year salary to help his home village in Senegal. He has donated money to build a hospital too.
  • He has also contributed in the pandemic Covid 19 : He and his other fellow soccer players have contributed in the pandemic and also had donated in the hospitals of Senegol and also other African nations.
  • Youth development : He also has contributed large number of funds to invest in Senegal’s youth for education and sports.


We have shared everything on Melissa Reddy that is available in the public domain. We are sure that they will progress their relationship same as they are growing on their respective career.

So it is too soon to talk about their relationship’s future. Hope you have grabbed all the information on Sadio Mane’s wife.

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Who is Sadio Mane’s wife?

Sadio Mane wife is Melissa Reddy. Although both couple hasn’t announced yet. Notes Melissa Reddy is working for sky sports news.

Where is Melissa Reddy from?

Melissa Reddy is a South African journalist.

Is Sadio Mane Rich?

Sadio Mane is very wealthy and has accumulated a net worth of $25 million.

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