Top 7 Hardest Positions in Soccer (Ranked!)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on the 7 Hardest Positions in Soccer.

We know that soccer is popular in whole world, it has different positions that require different skill levels.

From goalkeeper to a striker, everyone has a different level of skill or difficulty.

Now you will be curious to ask what is the hardest position in soccer, You will find out as we go deeper in this article.

If you want to play soccer, then you need to watch these hardest soccer positions to excel in this sport.

In these positions, none of them is easier to play but these positions require special skills to play.

1. Striker


Scoring goals is not as easy as it looks. In today’s time, game requires pace, ball control, and tactical intelligence.

Finishing is also a very important skill for a striker. This skill can win matches or lose everything.

A good striker should have tactical awareness to anticipate defenders’ moves. Shooting ability and good aerial pressure is plus point for any good striker.

In modern times, soccer knowledge is not enough, a striker should be fit and should have long-lasting stamina.

There are good qualities for a striker, all the upcoming strikers should try to upgrade their skills.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski are some of the top strikers and team most famous strikers in the world. They carry the team single-handedly.

2. Goalkeeper


People always underestimate goalkeepers. They think that it is one of the easiest positions in soccer.

But the reality is goalkeeper is 2nd hardest position in Soccer.

Sometimes if a specific player’s position goes unnoticed it wouldn’t directly affect the match or the score.

Not only it is the hardest position in soccer but also a very important position.

A goalkeeper has a tremendous amount of pressure, it does not have the flexibility to make one mistake, because every mistake will result in a goal.

A good goalkeeper should be physically fit and with good lower-body strength. He should anticipate opposition strikers’ intentions and press them into taking bad shots.

Oliver Kahn, Lev Yashin, and Iker Casillas are some of the greatest goalkeepers in history.

3. Full back

Full back

Fullback is one of the most hardest positions in football. It not only requires strength and stamina to cover the back but also needs to move right, left back, and forward so they need acceleration and speed to do the duty of defense.

To be one of the greatest in full back, one needs to develop the skill of marking and tackling.

The fullback is an asset for the midfielders to rely on the buildup.

Sergio Ramos and Roberto Carlos are some of the greatest fullbacks who know their business.

 4. Defensive midfielder

Defensive midfielder

The defensive midfielder is one of the toughest soccer positions to play because those who play in this position serve as a strategist to break down the opposing team’s attack.

A defensive midfielder should be fit for this tough job, as he also should be mentally fit to handle difficult situations. It’s not an easy position to do, imagine facing Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar attack.

N’Golo Kante is kind of famous for his world-class defensive midfielder skills.

5. Central Midfielder

Central Midfielder

One of the hardest and physically demanding positions to play.

The central midfielders have a long list of requirements for skills like speed, stamina tackling, tactical awareness, and long-range shooting.

Box to Box midfielders had both defensive and attacking duties they need to cover almost every part of the ground.

They need to support the team in defense, distribute the ball in midfield, and support the attacker’s quality.

Paul Pogba and Luka Modric are some of the most talented central midfielders in history.

6. Attacking Midfielder

Attacking Midfielder

Players like Zinedine Zidane and Carlos Valdericia are famous because of the attacking midfielder position.

These players have tremendous passing ability and can easily unlock the defenders.

Nowadays players who have the duty to do offensive actions should be very fast, have excellent passing skills, be quicker, and have more attacking powers.

This is why these positions are so hard, the players need to act quickly and choose directions with more traffic.

Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard are one of great playmakers, they are capable of doing extreme damage to the opposition’s defense.

7. The Sweepers

Virgil van Dijk

The Sweepers are called to support the potential loose balls the central defenders miss.

In today’s soccer, sweepers are not widely used because most defenses have 4 men instead of 5. However, in some settings, it is still used.

This position is hard because it requires tactical awareness to intercept the opposition.

The sweeper needs to be a master of tackles and should be cautious as well because any foul can cost the team.

Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk is one of the top-class sweepers in the world.


In conclusion, we can say that soccer is one of the most highly demanding sports that requires players to be top in their game.

While all positions are challenging but there were 7 soccer positions ranked by difficulty.

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What is the hardest sports position?

Striker and Goalkeeper are the hardest positions.                  

What position in soccer gets injured the most?

Strikers are mostly injured in soccer.

What is harder in Soccer?              

The central midfielder is very hard in soccer.

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