Top 7 Soccer Players With Number 21 Jersey (Ranked!)

Sportchunk has brought you an article on Soccer players with number 21.

Soccer fans always have shown their love towards a jersey number like number 3 or number 17.

But one of the most underrated jerseys is number 21 jersey. Fans know this jersey and easily remember their heroes wearing that jersey.

There are some people who think that popular players have not worn the number 21, if you are among then be ready to get surprised.

So without wasting time, let’s go deep dive into this article.

1. Zinedine Zidane (Juventus & France)

most famous soccer player with the number 21 jersey.

You can say that Zinedine Zidane is the most famous soccer player with the number 21 jersey.

He is arguably the best player France has ever produced in the history of soccer. If you deep analyze his skills you will find the power of an NFL player.

Zidane was supposed to be a player who was known to make the ball move forward and dribble it.

He was a World Cup winner, especially on the home ground of France. He had played for Juventus as well but his performance in Real Madrid was quite phenomenal.

Zidane had become a very prominent figure in Real Madrid. He had won 1 La Liga and Champions trophy with the team.

One of the best memories of Zidane was the incredible volley he delivered in the 2002 Champions League final.

2. Paulo Dybala (Juventus & Argrentina)

number 21 jersey in football

Paulo Dybala is one of the premium players who wear number 21 jersey in football.

He played and won the 2012 FIFA World Cup trophy with his national team Argentina. In the club game, he played with Juventus and was 5 time Serie A winner.

Dybala is a fast, striker with a smart tactical brain. He had a great combination of intelligence and technical skills.

Well, you can say that although he is not very talented in Serie A, his speed movement and ability to move the ball smoothly have a huge value in the game.

Like his teammates in Argentina, he is one of the most promising after Lionel Messi in the Argentinian squad of 2022.

3. Andrea Pirlo – (AC Milan & Italy)

famous number 21 football players

Andrew Pirlo comes at 3rd number on the famous number 21 football players list.

He started his career in 1996 at Brescia, who had knew that he would become an Italian legend in the coming years.

If you talk about his skills he was a great freekick taker and basically also a long pass master.

He has lived his 10 seasons with AC Milan after that he joined Juventus.

In his team at Juventus. He has got four titles in four seasons at the club. He was a very kind and calm player which made soccer as a game so easy.

He was clearly an asset in the team as he would made defenders’ feel comfortable as he was in front of them.

4. Frenkie de Jong- (Barcelona & Holland)

Frenkie de Jong

He is currently the youngest player on our list of best soccer players who wore the number 21 jersey. He is the current midfielder of Barcelona.

After only 57 games for the Amsterdam giants, he was bought up by Barcelona for a huge €75 million.

If you talk about him he keeps the ball firmly and really enjoys the possession. There is a still lot of future ahead of him considering his young age.

He is often compared with the former German player Franz Beckenbarer player so now you know how big he is as a player.

This player from the Netherlands has made his club Barcelona and his national team proud.

5.  Philipp Lahm – (Bayern Munich & Germany)

Philipp Lahm

Philipp Lahm a former German national player is undoubtedly one of the best players as an attacking fullback.

He was often regarded as one of the smartest German players ever played. People also consider him as a very intelligent player.

Talking about its qualities ,he can easily cross the ball and very conveniently link with his teammates.

He had won every domestic trophy at Bayern. He also won 8 Bundesliga titles, the Champions League, Super Cup.

He had contributed his best to lifting the 2014 World Cup.

6. David Silva – (Manchester City & Spain)

David Silva

David Silva is a former Valencia academy player. He is the most exciting soccer players with number 21 list.

He had played almost six seasons with Valencia. Position wise he usually plays in the midfield.

Finally, in 2010, Manchester City bought him from Valencia.

He was the most dangerous player on the team. He totally justified his worth as a player in Manchester City.

David Silva also proved his skills to both his country Spain and his club Manchester City. He has won World Cup and the European Championship with Spain.

He is also a 4 premier league winner, won 5 league cups, and has 2 FA cups. He is the most technical player in the history of Manchester City.

7. Luis Enrique – (Barcelona & Spain)

Luis Enrique

Yes, you heard it right, Luis Enrique is the former Spanish midfielder.

He had played 364 appearances for Spain’s top clubs and had managed Barcelona before moving to the Spanish National team.

He had carried the number 21 jersey for 5 seasons with Real Madrid.

The main thing about Luis Enrique is his skills and how he carried the whole team with him.

Enrique has a long span of 16 years in which he scored 107 goals with an average of one goal every 4 games.


In conclusion, we can say that number 21 has always been a popular jersey among soccer fans.

From Zinedine Zidane to David Silva all the legends have contributed to the legacy of the number 21 jersey.

Whether they have contributed to the team in winning a championship or simply showcased their skill.

These players have shown the importance of wearing the royal 21 jersey number.

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Who wore number 21 football?

Luis Enrique, David Silva, Philipp Lahm

Who is the best player to wear number 21?

Zinedine Zidane

Which position does Neymar play?

He plays as a forward.

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