Top 7 Soccer Players With Number 3 Jersey (Ranked!)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on Top 7 Soccer Players With Number 3 Jersey.

When you look at the number 3 jersey, the position mostly associated with it is the left back. But it is not the usual case, many central defenders have also taken this number.

Some of the world-class defenders have made this number so big.

So today we will be taking a trip on top players who wore the number 3 jersey in their lifetime.

Every name of the players in this list is a winner in their club or country, we have mixed healthy names of central defenders and players on left back.

1. Gerard Pique

best number 3 in football history

One of the best players who is considered the best number 3 in football history. He has retired in 2022.

Gerard Pique still has created an impact on soccer fans all around the world.

One of Spain’s most valuable players, Gerard Pique has totally earned respect and honor from fans, especially Barcelona fans.

If you talk about his achievements he is a European champion and a World Cup champion with Spain. He has won many La Liga and Champions League titles with Barcelona.

You can say he has contributed so much to the Barcelona club like the Super Cup and World Club Cup. He was the best man in defense with the number 3 jersey.

Many fans also remember him as the husband of world-famous artist Shakira.                        

If you talk about his strengths he has the mental and physical toughness to excel in the career of soccer.

2. Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos is one of the guys who has left his class in the soccer world.

One of the most famous defenders of all time. Carlos has a famous style of scoring free kick with a approx 30-yard run-up.

Most of the time it kind of looks impossible to save a kick when looking from the point of view of the goalkeeper.

He has a style of free kick that looks like it will miss the goal but at the last time, it would somehow turn in the goalpost.

You can consider Roberto Carlos as one of the most offensive defenders in number 3 soccer players list . He was an expert in crossing the ball, you can say that he looks much more like an attacker than the defender.

Carlos was kind of a all round player and was considered a high-profile player at that time.

3. Pepe

no. 3 football players in the world

Pepe, the defensive backbone of Portugal made around 133 caps for his national team.

The former Real Madrid defender is one of the toughest men you will see in the history of soccer.

Pepe had spent 10 seasons with Real Madrid as he was one of the most fierce defenders in Real Madrid history. He was not fearful of yellow or red cards.

Playing in a defending position is one of his strengths of Pepe. He prefers playing in a defending position.

Currently, he is back in Portugal with Porto. Despite considering his age 39 he is not looking to settle things now.

You can say that Pepe is one of the greatest defenders in the history of Portugal with 4 Premier League titles in Porto and 3 champion league wins with Real Madrid.

Pepe was also part of the team when Portugal won and lifted the 2016 Euro Cup championship.

4. Paolo Maldini

best no. 3 football players in the world

You can consider him as the best no. 3 football players in the world.

He was a former AC Milan player and had played with his national team Italy.

Нe was a very cultured, well-mannered, player and recognized as the complete left-back player of all time.

He has served AC Milan for a long time. He has made some incredible contributions both for Italy and AC Milan.

If you look at his career stats he has over 126 caps for Italy, 5 Champions League winners, and 7 Serie A titles for AC Milan.

One of the biggest playmakers and much more calm and composed. He will make the game so smooth that it will look like he is playing a friendly match.

He was great at tackling. He knows how to win the ball from the opposition in the air.

He was truly a remarkable left-back who wore a No.3 jersey, especially in a country where almost all soccer player are good at defending.

5. Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva

He was a player from Brazil, and you know that Brazillian center-backs are not easy to deal with.

The leader on the pitch, Silva has gained the reputation of being a classy defender of all time.

He was comfortable with the ball and he just loved to slide tackles. Silva had perfect timing with the tackles and it keeps improving with his age.

He is the most experienced defender playing in the premier league and is still playing at the age of 38. He’s still the classiest defender in the soccer world.

His career stats are great in that he has the Serie A and AC Milan, 7 Seven Ligue 1 titles with PSG, and Champions League title with Chelsea.

You can see the stats and can assume how amazing a player he was.

6. Denis Irwin

Denis Irwin

He is currently an underrated gem and deserves to belong in the list of best soccer players with the number 3 list.

He is Irish by nationality. He was one of the most successful Irish players of his time.

It is obvious that not all the number 3 players are fullbacks, Irwin had spent most of his career as a reliable and smart defender.

One of the most memorable Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson often described him as one of the greatest players of that time.

As a player, he has won 19 trophies as a player and he also made it his national team on a list of 16 in the FIFA world cup.

He was also a fabulous free-kick taker, he has chipped goals into the net several times.

7. Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole is one of the finest fullbacks in number 3 soccer players list. He was considered England’s prime left back at his time.

Back in 1999, Cole had spent 20 seasons as a professional soccer player.

Cole won 107 caps and spent seven seasons with Arsenal.

All throughout his career, Cole won 3 Premier League titles, 7 FA Cups, and a Europa League.

Cole was quite successful in his career and he remained England’s best left-back in the history of soccer.


I have ranked down all the top players who had wore the number 3 jersey and are super successful in their careers.

Mostly the position of number is normally reserved for left backs. But there are some exceptions.

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What is number 3 in football?

It is mostly for defenders.

Where does number 3 play in soccer?

Mostly right or left back.

What is 7 in soccer?

Right midfielders or right winger.

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