Raining Goals From Above: What Is a Cross In Soccer? (2023)

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So soccer is a game also known as football , it attracts millions of people around the globe. It combines skill, strategy and teamwork that thrills the moment on the pitch.

Now coming to the point one great technique in soccer that can really impact the game is soccer the “The Cross”. In this article we will understand the concept of a what is a cross in soccer, how it is important, and various types of crosses by players delivered in the opposition penalty box.

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What is a cross?

player making cross

Cross refers to a method of delivering the ball from wide areas or from the wing position, typically near the sideline. It is often categorized under assist.

The most common objective of a cross is to create goal-scoring opportunities for the team. Basically, it involves a player striking with accuracy aiming to bypass the defenders and find a teammate to a favorite position to score.

Importance of the crosses in soccer

The Cross is a very important playmaking technique in soccer for various reasons.

  1. It allows the attacking team to explore the width of the field by stretching the opposition’s defense and creating space for the team’s attacking players.
  2. Crosses are very effective in breaking down the defensive formations, as they force the defenders to react and this results in a mismatch.
  3. Lastly crosses provide an opportunity for aerial attacks, enabling taller players to use their heights to win headers and score goals.

Types of crosses in football

There are different types of crosses in football, depending on how the player utilizes them and what is the situation. Some common types are-

Early cross

This cross is done before the attacker come into the penalty area planning to catch the defender off guard and exploit the defense.

High cross

This cross is deployed when the attacking team has tall players who can jump highs. The ball is lofted into the penalty area and gives an opportunity for the headers to score a goal.

Low cross

This cross is employed when there are multiple attackers in the penalty area. It allows quick, accurate passes that can be shot with minimal backswing.

Cut back cross

The cut back cross was executed by playing the ball back along the ground, especially at the edge of the penalty area. This technique is very useful as the attackers make a late run in the box.

Swung cross

This type of cross involves swinging or curving in the air, bending it towards the far post. It adds unpredictability and fools the defenders.

Execution and Technique

To deliver an effective cross, players have to master this technique. It involves a lot of positioning, timing and accuracy.

Players had to deliver the ball with excellent control, balance and the ability to generate power for their shots.

This also includes understanding the movement and positioning of teammates in the penalty area is very important to ensure the cross is its target.

What is a clearance in soccer?

boy clearing the ball

In soccer, clearance refers to an action taken by the player to remove the ball from the team’s defensive area or away from an immediate opponent’s attack.

It involves kicking or heading the ball so peacefully that it goes ahead of the team’s defense.

Clearances are mostly executed by defenders or mostly goalkeepers when they feel they have to prevent danger.

The main objective of clearance is to get the ball out of the dangerous situation into the safer area of the field.

Clearance is also depends on the accuracy, distance and direction of the kick.

A successful clearance allows the defending team to regroup and defend strongly while a poor clearance results in giving possession back to opponents.

What is finishing in soccer?

finishing in soccer

In soccer, finishing refers to the act of successfully scoring a goal. It involves the technical skill and the technique to strike the ball accurately toward the goal.

Finishing requires good positioning, timing, technique and decision-making.

Players who are specialized in finishing are mostly attackers or midfielders as they are more responsible for creating goal-scoring opportunities.

They need to have a good understanding of the game and the situation of the game.

Most important aspect of finishing is shooting accuracy, where the players aim for the ball to shoot.


player making header in soccer

The cross is an important aspect of soccer, serving as an important key planning technique that is a significant aspect of the outcome of the game.

Understanding the different types of crosses and mastering the technique is very crucial for players contributing to the team.

As fans of the beautiful game called soccer, we can appreciate the beauty and strategy behind the well-executed cross, recognizing its role in the excitement that makes soccer so thrilling sport to watch.

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Can you score directly from a cross in soccer?

Yes, it is possible to score directly from a cross through a header or volley.

How do teams defend against crosses in soccer?

Teams defend against crosses by positioning defenders in the penalty area to block or intercept incoming crosses.

How can I improve my crossing skills in soccer?

To improve crossing skills, precise accurate delivery of the ball and focus on timing, technique and understanding.

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