Why Are Soccer Players So Dramatic? (Reasons and Rules!)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on why are soccer players so dramatic?

You know that soccer players are a little bit dramatic after any contact. Sometimes they also do comic acts and make the headlines.

When you watch soccer closely, you will see that players often try to have contact in the end and it is so funny to watch it. But it makes everyone wonder why they do these things.

Are there any advantages or benefits just from flopping?

Why players are so dramatic?

Why players are so dramatic

Soccer players run over the field, score goals, die, or just block players. They often get so much dramatic while doing this stuff.

This is because soccer is a contact sport and can bring injuries and emotion to the players. They do all this is because to make the fans feel special on the field.

This is even much more if the players are representing the nation.

But this is not what I meant by the dramatic.

Being dramatic means that you are referring to flopping. It is a type of act that makes contact in order to make referees give them a favorable call.

Why do players need to be overdramatic?

Why do players need to be overdramatic

Some people will call this acting on some may call this foul simulation.

Foul simulation increases the chances of making the appeal more acceptable. But it doesn’t change the fact that it is just acting or flopping.

Flopping or acting is not an idea for players to trick the referees but it is the idea of helping the referees to make a correct decision.

The idea is that if you don’t overreact to a foul then probably the referees won’t see it. So now flopping was used to make a foul more obvious so that the referees could see it.

In earlier times, soccer was just emerging so diving was considered a common practice.

What are the benefits of being overdramatic?

why are soccer players so weak

One of the main benefits of being overdramatic is that you can get the referee to call your decision.

If you over-exaggerate the foul, the referee will notice it and can also give a yellow or red card to an offending player.

That is why it is one of high-reward play which is why many players do these types of acts.

If they agree with your flopping story, that will lead your team to winning the game.

In some situations, it can even win you directly. For example, if the call leads to a penalty kick, then your flopping will directly result in a goal.

That’s why people will get why are soccer players so dramatic?

The disadvantage of being overdramatic

The disadvantage of being overdramatic

The disadvantage of overacting or overdramatic is that some people ask the question why are soccer players so weak?

So the disadvantage of overacting or foul simulation is that soccer players often generalize as weak.

Sometimes referees also get if you are trying to fool them.

If you flop naturally for few times in a game then referees won’t mind but if you keep doing this repetition they will tag you as a flopper.

They may ignore a genuine foul based on your reputation.        

Most leagues in the world are so harsh on fake flopping. In fact, if you overdo the practice of foul simulation then referees can even give you yellow cards for flopping.

But there must be a question in your mind that the soccer players still do this practice even today.

Risk to-reward ratio of foul simulation

People always assume that if there is a disadvantage to trying foul simulation tricks then why do the players still do it?

A successful flop can even result in a penalty which mostly probably translated into a goal.

If there is an unsuccessful flop then he might get a yellow card. A failed flop would never lead to a goal, but a successful flop can lead to a goal.

This is the reason many people still use this tactic.

A flop can waste sometime in the game. We know that every second is important in soccer. If your team is leading you can fake injury to waste the opponents’ team time.

This is the reason why you see the most fake injuries attempted in the later part of the game. If your team is just leading you can fake injury to waste the opponents’ team time.

When do soccer players mostly flop?

When do soccer players mostly flop

Players who do most flopping don’t think about the particular time they just do it.

But mostly the flopping is done in the later part of the game, so they can secure a win.

Most flops occur around the 18-yard box because that’s the favorite spot where a goal can occur.

You have much more to gain in a flop, than lose it.        

Can the soccer leagues reduce flopping?

Can the soccer leagues reduce flopping

You should know that some leagues acknowledge it while others don’t.

The best thing today to reduce it is to add VAR (Video Assistant referee). In fact, most leagues have already added this technology.

VAR right now is dependent on referees. For the most thing, referees still rely on nonreviewable acts in players around them.

In soccer, all plays are reviewable, but that is impossible because it will make the game unwatchable due to stop and review.


You know that flopping has just become a part of the game. It started with a referee to spot a foul, but it has completely changed the way it looked before.

So now you know why are soccer players so dramatic?

They want to take advantage of free kicks or penalties and if they fail they would only get a yellow card.

The VAR technology will surely help to reduce fake flopping in the game.               

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