Hydration Is Key: Why Do They Wet Soccer Fields? (2023)

Sportschunk has brought you an article on the question repetitively asked “Why do they wet soccer fields?

Soccer is also known as football in many countries as it is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is played on different types of surfaces including natural grass, sand or artificial turf.  A common practice in football is watering the surface.

But many people still wonder why soccer fields are watered? In this article, we will find the reasons why soccer field is watered and its benefits of it.

By the end of this article, you will understand the various aspects of watering soccer fields and their impact on the game.

Why do they water the pitch before a football game?

water the pitch before a football game

Watering the pitch before a football match is a practice that is done to improve the playing conditions on the field. There are many reasons why we wet soccer fields before a match.

  • Better traction

When we wet soccer fields, the surface becomes more moist, which helps in improving traction. This tactic is mostly beneficial in dry conditions as it helps the players from slipping and sliding. It can improve the ball’s grip on the surface which makes the players better grip on the ball.

  • Surface softening

Watering the pitch will help in softening the pitch, which makes it easier for players to run on the pitch. This is most beneficial on hard surfaces where the surfaces become compacted and difficult to move on.

  • Keeping the grass healthy

Water is essential for the growth and health of grass, watering the pitch before a game makes the pitch healthy and strong. This is very important because healthy grass will provide a better surface for players playing even on bare pitches.

  • Consistency

Watering the pitch before a game is ensured that the surface is consistent throughout the game.

This is very important because it will help to prevent the ball from bouncing in an unexpected manner. Hope you have got the answer of why do they water soccer fields.

Why do they water artificial turf?

Some people ask why experts suggest why we wet soccer fields before a match.

Artificial turf is made up of synthetic Items like nylon or polypropylene which didn’t require water like natural grass. But watering artificial turf has some benefits like-

  • Removing debris

Watering the artificial turf will remove all the dirt, dust and other debris that may be accumulated in the turf. Watering the turf will keep the turf clean.

  • Help in reducing the temperature

Artificial turf can get very hot if it has direct access of sunlight. Watering turf will cool it down, make it comfortable to play and minimalize the risk of heat-related injuries.

  • Improving aesthetics

Watering the artificial turf will give it a more shiny and natural look. This is very important for sports field.

  • Long-lasting

Artificial turf is not immune to wear and tear over time. Watering the turf can keep the fiber good and will extend the life of the turf.

Well, we know that artificial turf doesn’t have so much water requirements but keeping it wet has so many immense benefits.

Why do they cut the grass straight after a football match?

cut grass after football match

Some people ask that “why we cut the grass after a football match”.

So maintaining the football field is a big task for ground workers. They have to ensure a safe and enjoyable surface for players.

One of the most important aspects of pitch maintenance is cutting the grass immediately after a match.

There are many reasons why cutting the grass is important, firstly the player’s movement can be smooth. When players run, jump, and slide they tear the grass and create areas where the grass are longer than other. This can lead to uneven surfaces which can lead to injury.

By cutting the grass straight, the ground-keeping staff levels the uneven field and removes any damaged grass.

One more reason for cutting the grass after a match is that cutting the grass will encourage healthy grass to grow back thicker and stronger which will make the appearance of the pitch and increase its lifespan.

There are also other benefits of cutting grass if the grass is left to grow longer, it will be difficult to mow and the mower can be clogged or damaged. Cutting the grass after the match, is to make sure that the grass is best for mowing.

Well cutting the grass straight just after a football match is very important for pitch maintenance. It helps the pitch to remain in good condition and promotes healthy grass.


wetting the soccer field

In conclusion, we can say that by wetting the soccer fields is the most important part of maintaining the playing surface. Wetting the field before a game improves the safety and quality of the pitch.

Water helps in cooling down the surface, improving the ball’s movement and reducing dust. Regular watering of the pitch can promote healthy grass growth and extend the lifespan of the field.

With proper care a well maintained soccer field is safe to play on and an enjoyable experience for players and fans. Hope you have got the answer of why do they water soccer fields.

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Why do they wet the grass in soccer?

To improve the ball’s movement and keep the grass healthy.

Do soccer players get grass burn?

Yes, if you play on artificial turf, you can get painful abrasion known as turf burn.

Are soccer players allowed to drink water?

Players can drink water during the game but only by going to touchline or goal line.

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