Top 10 Reasons Why Soccer Is The Hardest Sport Ever (2023)

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So sports is very interesting and amazing topic in human life. It keeps our body young without the issue of our age. But there are challenges in any sport, particularly in soccer, the game just looks easy without any complication. But you will be surprised to know that soccer rules the hardest sports list.

So let’s jump to the point that what makes people ask that is soccer the hardest sport??

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So here are the reasons-

1. Too much running

Is soccer harder than basketball

Yes you heard it right, people ask Is soccer harder than basketball, so yes soccer will make you run so much. A average soccer player runs between 8 to 12 km during a game.

That is the reason why it is considered one of the most hectic sports of all time.

2. Top-notch fitness level

is soccer easy to get good at

Soccer is famous for stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a top-notch fitness level.

So when someone asks is soccer the hardest sport? , the answer will be yes as it requires a dedicated fitness routine. It is the only sport in which players run for about full 90 minutes.

3. Mentally tough

Mentally tough

Soccer is a sport that requires a good amount of mental toughness.

Players have to absorb pressure in the game. They must be calm and have the capability to take quick decisions.

4. Physical strength

Physical strength

Some people think that soccer didn’t require a player’s physical strength. Although I agree partially on this point. As this sport doesn’t require physical strength like rugby, boxing etc. But soccer requires the players to be physically active and to defend the goal from attackers.

Now you now why still people ask is soccer a hard sport?

5. Tactical intelligence

is soccer harder than football

For those who think is soccer hard to play? So yes it is, it isn’t a sport for dumbs. This sport requires tactical intelligence which makes soccer a strategic game. Players need to make strategies and should make quick decisions. A player with tactical intelligence knows how to communicate with other teammates and alert them about potential dangers. They have the ability to access the situation and make the best decision for the team.

6. Teamwork

Is soccer harder than tennis?

So yes, soccer requires a teamwork mentality, this isn’t cricket or baseball you make the team on your own. Soccer requires good teamwork which makes it the toughest sport.

For teamwork, players need to communicate with other teammates. So that they can coordinate movements and strategies in the field.

Another element of teamwork is trust. Players should trust each other. The players should support both their strengths and weakness together.

7. Risk from injuries

Is soccer dangerous

Some people ask “Is soccer dangerous?”. I generally answer yes and no. Because you know any sport can be good and bad for the body. But Soccer players are more prone to injuries like sprains and fractures.

One of the most common injuries is a sprained ankle. This happens when players jump uncomfortably or attack or collide with another player.

Soccer players can also have some complicated injuries like ACL tears, bruises and cuts.

8. Technical skills

is soccer harder than volleyball

Some people think soccer is same as volleyball and ask is soccer harder than volleyball. The answer will be yes, soccer is much more technical in comparison to volleyball. Soccer players should have skills like ball control, passing and shooting ability.

These skills take a lot of time and dedication to master them.

9. Speed

Is soccer the hardest sport?

Yes, soccer requires players to speed up their bodies. They need to quickly adapt the change of direction and accelerate within the game.

With players like Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo, Soccer has become a game of speed and endurance.

10. Playing whole year

 is soccer harder than baseball

You can compare soccer at any level, but you can’t compare the frequency played by players. Soccer is all season game so it is played the whole year.

Young players feel competition since they join the club as the older players like Messi and Ronaldo are pushing the limits.

So soccer players are so much overloaded with full year matches both at clubs and internationally.

What is the hardest sport?

In conclusion, soccer is the most challenging and hardest sport of all time. It requires great skills, passion, endurance and teamwork to play.

So when people ask is soccer harder than baseball? The answer will be yes.


While some people still ask is soccer the hardest sport?, it is one of the most rewarding sports as well, providing players with fame and the thrill of competition.

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